London’s Premier Piano Tuning Service

Laurent is renowned for providing exceptional piano tuning and tonal voicing services, ensuring that every key produces the optimum sound quality for your instrument.

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Expert Piano Tuning for Optimal Performance

To maintain the correct tension and pitch, pianos require routine tuning. The ideal schedule is semi-annual tuning, with a minimum of once per year. For further details, please refer to the instrument maintenance section.

Pianos can fall out of tune due to regular use, environmental changes such as temperature and humidity fluctuations, and the passage of time. Precise tuning is particularly crucial when the piano is used in ensemble with other instruments to ensure a cohesive and harmonious blend.

Here are some frequently asked questions; please get in contact to find out more!

What areas does Laurent Voituron cover for piano tuning and repairs?
Laurent primarily serves the London area, including venues from the West End to bars across the city. He also offers home visits for piano tuning and maintenance.
Does Laurent offer emergency or last-minute piano tuning services?
Yes, if you find yourself in need of urgent piano tuning, Laurent can accommodate last-minute requests and will ensure your instrument performs at its best.
How much experience does Laurent have in piano tuning and repairs?
Laurent boasts over 25 years of experience in piano tuning and repairs. He has undergone training from the prestigious French Institute of Piano Technicians and has catered to numerous clients throughout London.
Apart from tuning, what other services does Laurent provide?
In addition to piano tuning, Laurent offers comprehensive piano care, including repairs, voicing services, and instrument maintenance. He ensures both upright and grand pianos receive periodic regulation to perform optimally.